Bookmyhouse FAQs

Bookmyhouse is the Worlds First and Largest Real Estate Marketplace for Real Estate Developers to list and transact their Property with both an Online Transactional Platform and a Large Offline freelance Agent Network. It provides an end-to-end service to a client looking to buy/rentout a property.

Heres how the process looks:

1. Finalise Project

i) Project Search Page
ii) Filter the Project of Choice by searching as per your criteria
iii) Project Page – Here you can find all neccesary info about project.
iv) Select Unit Details to go further

2. Finalise Unit

i) Unit Selection Page – Select the exact unit you are interested in
ii) Unit Details Page – Learn more about the specific unit of your choice including the specifications

3. Checkout

i) Login or Sign Up – if you havent done so already
ii) Pricing Page – Select Payment Plan and Approve Price Breakdown of specific unit
iii) Terms and Conditions – Approve T & C
iv) Payment Page – Pay your token amount and fill Applicant Details

Buying property through BMH is as easy as buying a pendrive on a E-Commerce site.

There are fundamentally 4 steps to it:

a) Log onto www.bookmyhouse.com and search for a project using criteria such as location, budget, possesion date, specification requirements
b) Once you have shortlisted a few projects based on your requirements, you can even access details like the Worlds First Realtime Inventory Availability Tool (with precise location on site), Drone Construction Updates, 360 Virtual Tours, 360 Virtual Site Visits, Full Price Breakup and Payment Plan.
c) After using our proprietary HeatMap Tool or Comparison Tool to compare projects and their respective inventories, you can do either of two things. Either You can book your property online on a selected payment plan by paying a refundable token amount/application fee


Call us/Book Site Visit online itself and we shall provide a pickup and drop service for the projects you have shortlisted online. Our Agent shall accompany and guide you to make the right decision for your family. Once satisfied, you can book online on any mobile device/computer with or without our agents help.

At the moment, we are working only with developers to sell their property. However, we may offer this feature in our future builds.

Selling your projects online is now as easy as a-b-c:

a) Logon to our website and choose from an array of subscription plans available for 6months, 1 year or more on a per project basis. We charge a fixed monthly fee to list your projects.

In the standard 6 month package, you get:

i) Free first time Inventory Listing on the Seller Panel provided to you where you can change/edit any property details/availability realtime. Subsequent changes /updations to the inventory are made by your inventory manager. We provide 12×7 support to your inventory manager.
ii) Free Explainer Marketing Video for each project to explain potential clients the advantages of booking your property.
iii) 2 Trainings per month to your agents/salespeople to enable them to use this service to show clients or directly pick up bookings.
iv) All Leads and Enquiries are filtered by our Call Center before passing them on to you for a meeting and site visit. However, you also get a list of all unfiltered leads recieved on your behalf. The Meetings/Site Visits have to be conducted by YOUR staff/agents.
v) We charge 0 brokerage in case any bookings are picked online or offline from a lead generated by BMH by any of your staff/agents.
vi) Monthly Drone Construction Updates
vii) 360 Virtual Tours for all your units (onetime)
viii) 360 Site Visits for all your Projects (onetime)
ix) We give you the rights to use the BMH logo across all your online/offline advertisements to divert traffic to your booking portal.
b) Pay the advance fee online/offline by contacting us on +91-9289055555
c) You are now ready to sell online

In addition to this, we can also work aggresively to liquidate your inventories by plugging you into the largest freelance agent network on the planet with over 7000 experienced premium agents with realestate/insurance experts spread all over India.

In this case,
i) We expect cost sharing on advertising support to promote your project whether its by Print Media, SMS shoots, Emailers, Digital Promotion, Exhibitions/Events etc.
ii) We shall be pushing your project to our Pan India agent network to pitch to their lacs of HNI clients.
iii) We shall actively promote your project on our own site to generate additional leads for us to close deals aggresively. You shall be getting a report of active leads generated on your behalf.
iv) We shall be charging the best brokerage slab as you are giving to your best channel partners as success fee. This shall be over and above any subscription you may be subscribed to with us.

Yes. It is refundable for a period of 5 days from the time you make the booking. Also, for any unforeseen reason, if the developer is not able to provide you your exact unit of choice as selected by you online, you can ask for a refund even after 5 days. However, in case you are successfully allotted your unit of choice and you choose to cancel the booking after a 5 day period from the booking time, it shall not be refundable.

Bookmyhouse.com provides an unbiased, transparent and data driven analysis of different projects and helps the client make the ultimate decision basis facts and figures down to the extent of exact unit comparisons.

Agents and Developers want to promote the specific projects they are involved with only and may not provide you a scientific comparison with competitors projects.

Also, different agents have different commission slabs with different developers and hence would ideally promote the one one with the best payouts. We work on a subscription with developers and hence you are actually buying directly from the developer. Since we work with developers on bulk inventory directly, we can help you get the best available price in the market.

Absolutely yes. Part of the reason why we invented BMH was to make the sector organized and provide realtime and accurate inventory to buyers and brokers alike to help them. We do not charge any commisions/fees from brokers/developers in case you, a developers own channel partner/staff, logins their booking.

All you need to remember BEFORE making a transaction (in front of client with his Credit Card/ Netbanking) is to inform us by calling +91-9289055555 and ask for a coupon code which we will issue to you to use during your checkout process. Once you enter this code, we are able to inform all parties including client, developer and you (broker) that transaction has taken place to your credit. Also, if you have made any special commitments to the client in terms of discount, payment structure etc, it will be recorded against that coupon code. This record enables you to get your rightful due.

Yes. Provided you are able to clear an Interview with us. We welcome professionals to sign up with us as freelance agents.

We provide regular trainings, project updates and assign specific projects to you after which we provide client meetings+site visits to enable you to close the booking. These are generated by doing specific advertising activities with the developers on a cost sharing basis, so each lead is extremely critical and tracked during the time period it is given to you. In addition, there is a lead management app which you shall be expected to update after every interaction with a lead.

You can earn upto 50% of the commission offered by the developer. A much higher commission can be earned if the client is completely acquired and closed by you independently. In both cases, bookings have to be logged in online.

We do understand the importance of your hard earned money and understand each family members involvement in contributing to the decision of buying a property. Thats why we have created tools like 360 Site Visits and 360 Interior Tours which have been integrated with the overall buying experience for the first time in the world. Now, you can experience going to the site in virtual reality saving you tons of time. However, nothing can replace the actual experience. So after you have shortlisted the project of choice online, you can book an actual site visit where we shall provide pickup and drop service till your doorstep and our BMH Guru shall accompany you to guide and help you in taking the decision as well as making the online transaction.

We are currently running our Beta version services and hence we have limited our service to Delhi NCR and surrounding cities. We do intend on covering India and beyond very soon though.

We have created the Worlds first City Heatmap tool which works across devices to enable investors to base their decision on realtime data aggregated from the actual projects. We cover things like Price Movement, Returns (YoY), Needs, Infrastructure, Lifestyle so you can access data which would otherwise take many years to accumulate. So you are not dependent on biased advice and false promises but actual performance and data on ground while making your decision. We check the project approvals from the developer so that you dont have to. We track the monthly construction updates and developer track record so that you dont have to. We make sure, that you cant go wrong.

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